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Eternal Misery by No Zodiac

23 Jun 2011

Immolate: 'Demo'

Immolate are a fairly new metallic hardcore band situated in Milford Uxbridge, Massachusetts (USA). A couple of days ago Rob from Immolate got in touch with me and sent me a link to their demo and for an upcoming band I am impressed. I can’t really fault it, as usual it’s probably not aimed everyone’s style but I really like it.

This demo starts with a solid fast paced metallic style introduction. There is an instant similarity in the sound an approach of Immolate which has similar aspects to bands like No Warning and Violation. This intro gives the demo a very catchy start (I have to admit it does remind me of the first 10 seconds of the introduction of Soul Search’s demo) and it sets the tone for the next song ‘No Other Way’ perfectly. I like how this demo keeps the modern day feel to the hardcore sound however still manages to incorporate the classic crossover metal sound on the instrumental parts. I’m pretty sure this band will do well in the future and will have the hardcore fan base jumping up the walls.

Immolate play some very memorable riffs and hard hitting drum beats. At times the sound quality is a bit crusty however that’s expected from a first release and I’m sure they’re future releases will only progress in sound and quality. The songs are well structured and the vocals fit perfectly with their style. Expect a vast amount of fast paced rhythms combined with some slower, heavy metallic riffs which often contain mini- breaks which is very effective. This band has a lot of energy and their songs contain angry lyrics which can never be a negative thing.

If you’re looking to get into a band that is coming on strong then this is the band for you. This isn’t the most original thing you’ll have ever heard but they deliver well. Check them out here. I hope you enjoy. Also I will be following this review up with an interview as soon as possible. 

17 Jun 2011

Slave Skateboards: 'Anthony Schultz Freedom Pro Video'

Slave Skateboards are a great skate company and this video featuring Anthony Schultz proves it. The ender of this section is purely amazing (see for yourselves). He must have his zero gravity on or summoned a miracle or something to pull off an ollie like that! There is some amazing tricks going on in this vid but basically he kills it. Check it out!

9 Jun 2011

Agitator: 'Walls Closing In'

Agitator is a straight edge hardcore band from Pennsylvania USA and have returned with a follow up to 2010’s ‘Enter Vice Lords’ with a 5 track EP titled ‘Walls Closing In.’ This is set for release on Six Feet Under Records so check it out. This band has made quite a following for themselves after releasing their first demo in 2009. There are also a large majority in the scene that are not really into this band but if you check out this new EP it may change your mind as it is pretty hard hitting.

This record is not long but the material contained in these 5 tracks is solid. I love the sound of this EP and it is probably one of my favourite releases of this year. Although I was a huge fan of the previous releases, ‘Walls Closing In’ is a major improvement for Agitator. Previously the lyrics may have come across as being very naive, but this has completely changed as the lyrics have much more meaning which I can only say will boost this bands following. As a whole, the guitar riffs, song structures, drum work and vocal/lyrical content are more satisfying to listen to.

Agitator have most definitely escalated in every manner speaking and I personally think that they are putting out what they stand for and pack more of  punch compared to their older material. There is more delivery and they have captured a sound that is more inclusive of the hardcore fundamentals. All I can say is that I hope that they maintain this attitude and passion towards song writing as they can only go forward from this.

The final point on this release is that Agitator have taken all of the anger that they have of the world we live in and turned it into a fantastic record filled with passion. If you were not into these before then perhaps check ‘Walls Closing In’ and give them another chance.  Get your pre-orders here         

5 Jun 2011

Ampere: 'Like Shadows'

I have loved this band since I first heard their music; there is so much passion and anger placed into their songs which is just fantastic. Ampere’s new record ‘Like Shadows’ is a fast paced, chaotic record which is a perfect example of emo violence. This sort of sound can go different ways, one being a slower screamo/experimental style of music, or the complete opposite being a medley of frantic, rip roaring riffs and raw screaming vocals. This album is most definitely a frenzy of unsettled noise which is filled with so much passion combining a few slower parts but not enough to lose the energy.

I am really impressed with this new album as Ampere’s sound is simply mind-blowing. This record contains 15 brand new songs and clocks in at just over 13 amazing minutes. This style of music can also be compared to such bands as Orchid and Daitro with this boisterous sound. If you like emo violence and screamo music then this album is most definitely for you. Songs like ‘Centuries Fled,’ ‘Chasing Ghosts’ and ‘Dead Weight’ pack a punch and show a very disordered song structure which I love. There are fast paced transitions from chaotic parts, leading into calm, slow parts which can lead anywhere. It’s exciting music leaving you unaware of when the current track has finished and the next track has started. The riffs are just crazy and there are no time sequences for any of Ampere’s music but at the same time the instrumental factors of this record are truly impressive.      

They do a great job of managing to make this album flow even though after listening to this, it could very well be a one 13 minute song on its own. The mixture of different instrumental patterns, time sequences and screamy vocals work incredibly well making a far from boring sound. Even though riffs and sounds come from every angle on this record it is in a way very memorable and this particular sound is what makes Ampere such a great band.

Like a lot of this genre of music, it may not be to everybody’s taste but if you’re into chaotic, passionate, angry and technical music then this record will be an essential for you. One problem that I do have (for this genre of music as well) is that it would be wonderful if we could have more than 13 minutes of new material. This album is streaming now for free however do buy this first rate record.   

4 Jun 2011

Two Shows, One Day

Get on down to these two shows today in London. Rumble 3 is going on all day today and has some great bands to check out, this is at Camden Underworld and followed by this Rucktion Records monthly hardcore night is near Tottenham Court Road. Enjoy a great Saturday of hardcore music!