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Eternal Misery by No Zodiac

19 Sep 2014

Knuckledust 7" Release Show

If you're about London or know about this show already then you don't want to be missing this! Knuckeldust are releasing their new record tonight at Birthdays (near Dalston). Everytime I have seen Knuckledust they put on an amazing performance and the atmosphere is always on point too! I'm sure tonight will be no exception, especially with Bun Dem Out and Dead Man's Chest supporting. Doors are at 7ish and tickets are only 8 quid. Don't sleep on this. Band details below:

Knuckledust: North London heavy Hardcore on the reputable Rucktion Records

Bun Dem Out: Beatdown style hardcore from London that features members of Knuckledust and TrenchHead and are also signed to Rucktion Records

Dead Man's Chest: Brutal and dark straight edge hardcore full of anger, hate and power. Just what you need on a Friday night!