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31 Jul 2013

Ashes Forever: 'All You Love Will Put You'

Ashes Forever - 'All Love Will Put You'
Ashes Forever are a New York based two piece that have developed a genre of their own. They released a 1 track EP last year titled Love, Leave, Forget, Repeat which I reviewed here. Since then it seems they have been busy recording new material and what better time to announce it than now. All You Love Will Put You is an exceptional piece of song writing and is definitely a breath of fresh air in the scene. There’s no set genres, no set style, they write music on their own terms. This record is released on August 2nd so do not hesitate to jump on this.

What I love about Ashes Forever is that every song is completely different and just when you thought you've caught on to a genre specific part, it throws you off again into something different. This time round the recordings are all about musicianship and are instrumental showing off their remarkable musical talent. The sound is raw and elegantly transcends from track to track. Ashes Forever delivers a decent melodic, progressive start to the EP in On the Ledge at Gunpoint, splitting between steady hardcore rhythm and powerviolence drum beats.

The next track You are the Storm kicks in with some furious, breakneck speed drums, symbol crashes and more progressive guitar melodies. I don’t want to say they have any specific influences but I can hear a little tinge of  Between the Buried and Me and it came to no surprise learning that this EP was mastered by Jamie King. The best moments on this record are the irregular tempo changes, diverse styles and their methodical approach to song structure. From Your Lips to Gods Ears takes a more technical and metallic approach to the music throwing in high pitched guitar chords and pounding drums.

The final track Influencing the Influences adds the cherry on top of what is a faultless record. This down-tuned slower track builds up to another explosion of technical sounds. Matt and James are a duo with amazing skills and put them on display perfectly. Each track is more vibrant and powerful than the last. To me this album is carried out with flawless execution and is one not to missed out on. You can check it out and buy it here.