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2 Jan 2015

Lost Souls: 'Demo'

Lost Souls - 'Demo'

Lost Souls are brand new on the block from Richmond, Virginia (US) and have just released a demo which is no doubt a banger! Hitting hard on every track, Lost Souls play a crushing sound of hardcore with mosh worthy breaks and chugging riffs giving it a sick heavy sound. I have to admit that the style of hardcore chosen, will probably not set the world on fire, but they do leave an impressionable sound on the ears. Every track delivers a lot of fast paced rhythms and angry as hell vocals, and only leaves you wanting to hear more.

The opening track Find Your Fate kicks in with some weighty guitar riffs and smashing drum beats that make you want to kick a hole through anything nearby. Obviously the sound quality on the recording is slightly rougher than some people would like, but for a first demo they did a bloody good job and I have to say, it feels this band have been together a lot longer than they actually have. Continuing onto the second track Plague, the record seems to get a whole lot heavier and is easily up there with the likes of modern bands, Soul Search, Expire and many more. I love the steady two stepping beat around 30 seconds in to this track and how it builds up to the heavy stomping chugs towards the end.

Price I Pay is probably my favourite track on this demo and I say 'probably' because I think this demo will be listened to frequently and other tracks may grow on me more. The delivery on this track is equally as fierce and heavy, but the tempo is faster to start with but then drops back into a relentless wrecking ball of a mosh part with angry, raspy screams from the vocalist. I can feel his anger and emotion on every track. Taste the Truth is the finale of the demo, containing an immense solo between yet again more guitar chords and chugging rhythms.

As an overall, a solid record that contains some compelling and energetic hardcore, that is executed very well. High fives all around, this demo is sick and I can only look forward to further releases from Lost Souls. Check out the link below and help support.