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8 May 2012

Zombie Fight: 'Alive and Well'

Zombie Fight - Alive and Well

Zombie Fight are a New York hardcore band formed in November 2010. They have recently release d a new EP titled Alive and Well which they played a release show with Ashes Forever and Torch Bearer (wish I could have been there). First impressions are that this band is out to make a statement with their ‘in-your-face’ style of hardcore. They incorporate themes of negativity that surround the world, and after listening to this record there is a balance between the music and the lyrics, relating to real life situations. It is evident that these guys are from New York and can hear the influences coming through in the vein of bands like Sick of it All and Judge.

This is one of the catchiest records that I have heard in a while and pack a punch with their heavy straight up hardcore sound. Fiery guitar riffs are present throughout each track alongside the exploding drum beats and rhythms. Some the instrumental parts of the tracks do remind me of some of the older Bane songs, only Aaron Bedard’s vocals have been replaced with an aggressive attitude with booming and deafening shouts. Of course there are many influences present in Zombie Fight’s music but what I really like about Alive and Well is that they combine a variety of hardcore sub-genres to create a driving force of a record. There are many references to a failed society but even through the aggression there are many lyrics in relation to positivity and hope guiding us through a day to day life. 

Tracks Celebrities Think They Are the Best Role Models and The Decision contain some uplifting guitar riffs and faster paced drum rhythms and fits perfectly with the rough shouting vocals. There is a strong mix between the steady rhythms and breakdown moshing parts. In Reconnect the continuing riffs soon breaks out into some mad technical guitar patterns adding variety yet again. This record is well structured and contains some appealing music. The track Sick Of takes yet a different sound combining more old-school hardcore punk instrumentals which makes you want to dive around and circle pit. This is good quality aggressive music at its best.

My only gripe is the recording quality but the content within the music easily makes up for this. I don’t really have anything negative to say about this band and am enjoying Zombie Fights music. If you’re into aggressive tough style hardcore and enjoy confrontational subjects dealing with friendship, society and drastic change then this is a record you’ll enjoy. I guarantee it will have you moshing all day long! Check them out on the links below.