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7 Mar 2013

I Stared Into the Forest: 'Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue'

I Stared Into the Forest - 'Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue'
I stared into the Forest are a four piece mathcore band from Romania. Last year they released their debut EP ‘Society Discontinued,’ and have just released their new record, Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue. What inspires me about this band are their DIY ethics and attitude towards everyday topics, the main one being discrimination. Another factor I really like about I Stared into the Forest is the style of music they play. There aren’t too many bands from Romania that incorporate hardcore, mathcore and screamo into every song (well not that I have heard of anyway.) I’ve read reviews on this record already and they haven’t necessarily been positive but I think this band have a lot to offer and should be given more of a chance.

The whole Mathcore sound may not be new but this band seem to be progressing at a fast pace and they are one of the least generic bands I have heard in a while. The heavy churning guitar riffs and high pitched screaming kick off the EP in the track No Longer Here. The technical parts from the lead are tangled in a frenzy of toned down breakdowns and sounds awesome. I like the recording quality of this EP as it adds to their whole DIY sounding style, although it sounds quite clear and mastered there is still a low budget sound to it, which to me, adds appeal. There are definite influences from more mainstream mathcore bands such as The Bled and Converge that can be heard especially through the second track Failing Lungs. The time sequences are perfect on every chord and fits well in each track; I love the energy coming through from this record.

The tracks Their Crooked Teeth and To Hang by a Thread show a lot of passion and I love the chaotic structure of these tracks. Although I really enjoy the tracks on this EP there aren’t any songs that particularly stick in my head as each one contains a particularly different song structure and it is hard to pay attention to certain sequences but nonetheless it’s definitely a record worth checking out. You can download both of their EPs here. I believe that the 7 inch will be available in the near future to purchase on Fading Halo Records.