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8 May 2013

Work for It: 'No Escape'

Work for It - 'No Escape'

Poland’s Work for It brings the hardcore sound back to basics with heavy riffs, hard-hitting mosh parts and tough sounding vocals. In 2011 they released a demo, which I quite liked despite the sound quality, and their latest EP No Escape released in December is a great progression and most definitely a record to check out. There is a perfect mix of older and modern style hardcore sounds in this EP, with definite influences from bands like Next Step Up and Madball evident in their music, but with a modern twist, similar to bands like Soul Search and Backtrack.

Poland seems to have a thriving hardcore scene at this present time taking influences from heavier styles. Work for It are no exception - playing a very angry and stomping sound - I found No Escape to be very pleasing to my ears. The record opens with the track Defenceless starting with a nice grooving sound and soon going into some heavy guitar riffs and angry raw vocals. This sets the whole tone of the record, as each track gets more relentless than the next. The actual structure of each track is very simplistic but who cares, it works so well! The next track keeps up the fast tempo and contains some nice mosh-worthy riffs that make you want to smash your room up.

Already Dead kicks into gear on the second half of the record and made my hairs stand on end with the smashing breakdown at the beginning and end of the track. You can really sense the aggression from both the sound and lyrics, which is just awesome. Condemned is my favourite track though and wraps this record up. The lyrics and sound is very straightforward and down to earth and the crashing drums really added to the impact.

No Escape was available to pick up from The Essence (Founded by Inherit’s vocalist Adam Malik) however I believe that they have all sold out so lucky people who got hold of this. If you dig hardcore music then you will love this record hopefully. Check it out here.