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Eternal Misery by No Zodiac

25 Sep 2011

Toy Machine Woodward West Shootout

Toy Machine is a company that I forgot about recently but watching this short clip brought it all back and I realised what I was missing out on. Some tricks landed to perfection in this video, if you haven't checked this out then do it now!

12 Sep 2011

Wolf Down: 'Demo'

Recently I received an email from Sven, a member of a new German band Wolf Down, asking if I would like to review their new demo. After giving it a thorough listen I feel it is most definitely worth mentioning and I hope everybody gets into it straight away just like I have.

This EP starts off with some good solid hardcore riffs. It may sound slightly predictable but boy does it sound hard. This immediately brings to mind some mid-90’s sounding hardcore/metalcore only with a distinct modern twist. There is a perfect mix of hard hitting riffs, fast tempo drum beats, breakdowns and decent instrumental time sequences, all mixed with some raw and angry vocals. It’s not only about the music that makes this EP what it is but the underlying messages within each song. Taking some of the main fundamentals of hardcore of which being veganism, straight edge and the corruptness of the world, Wolf Down certainly pack a punch with this 4 track EP. 

Wolf Down know how to play quality hardcore and also keep it interesting through all 4 tracks. From start to finish the instrumental parts are great. The songs are well pieced together and the screaming vocals do the justice and make the point about each song. There is a fantastic amount of energy and a great drive to the EP that makes you want to stand up and shout along with it! The song structures are mainly filled with fast catchy parts however there is a skilful balance which has space for the slower break parts which I’m sure in a live performance will have people moshing side to side.

Tracks Hide and Seek and Rot both start off with some fast paced riffs which instantly gets the listener intrigued on what’s next to come. There is a lot of variation in each song and towards the end of Rot there is a heavy breakdown. Lyric wise, the concepts aren’t anything original and is most definitely something that hardcore fans are used to but dealing with these topics Wolf Down get straight to the point with what they believe in. There is a lot of impact in what they say regarding being sick of the world and the human race being responsible for destroying mother earth and standing against corporate 9-5 jobs. Faithless and Rat Race  are equally as catchy and pleasing and towards the final part of both songs there are awesome breaks leading into steady rhythms which made me want to move around.

This is a record I can really relate to and I cannot wait to hear more material from this band. If you’re into solid sounding sounds that deliver in your face hardcore then get this as soon as you can!

Brutality Will Prevail: 'Sleep Paralysis'

UK hardcore is still running strong and we have now seen the release of another record from Brutality Will Prevail. Containing some extremely down-tempo, sludgy sounding hardcore Sleep Paralysis is a 3 track EP of dark heavy hardcore that’s not to be missed. Yet again this EP is so very different to the old Beatdown style genre that this band had and is still continuing with their dark sound which is also evident in The Root of All Evil and Forgotten Soul. This style of hardcore isn’t necessarily my favourite and can get slightly repetitive after a while but Sleep Paralysis makes an exception in this category.

From listening to this EP there is no doubt this is a record from Brutality Will Prevail. Over the past few years they have changed their sound to a more atmospheric and sludgy one and the instruments have been down tuned leaving a much more chugging down-tempo sound, which is now part of this bands image. Combined with the dark instrumentals there are the gruff, throaty vocals providing a very recognisable sound. Between the chugging riffs and harsh drum beats there are some very long melodic interlude parts which adds light to the dark. Each track has well structured songs and I feel BWP have accomplished a very well put together sound, from every heavy guitar riffs, chugging bass lines and constantly tempo changing drum beats this EP fits like a puzzle. These songs are tight and although the darker style hardcore may not have always suited these boys but they have still maintained their aggression which is a positive note for their fanbase.

Out of their newest material, I think this is by far some of the best music they have written. I love the way the melodic guitars bring a more pleasant sound to the music which is shown in Heavy Eyes but still maintaining the down-tuned sound. Although the lyrics and vocals add importance to the EP, I do feel these 3 tracks are more musically appealing than anything else. Perhaps they could have shortened the songs or broke these up into others as 5 minutes and 8 minutes are a long time to listen to one track for. I am not a huge fan of long songs as I personally feel they can drag.

You should definitely get a hold of this record if you can as it’s not to be missed out on. If you like the darkest of dark hardcore then this EP will rock your world, even though it’s only 3 tracks it makes up for this with some fantastic musicianship.