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18 Feb 2013

Losin' It: 'No Apology'

Losin' It: 'No Apology'

Losin’ It have recently burst upon Florida’s hardcore scene and seem to be making a pretty big impact. Their last release Danger Zone got decent feedback from people and I really enjoyed it. This month they have just dropped their new full length No Apology which sounds damn good to me.

The sound of this record is nothing original but who cares - it does exactly what it was set out to do. After listening to this, I wasn’t blown away by it but I did find it incredibly catchy and wanted to listen to it again and again. You can definitely hear the influences coming through from bands like Floorpunch, Side by Side and Ten Yard Fight bringing back the lively youth crew sounds. That’s one of the big points of why I really enjoy listening to Losin’ It. Instead of taking elements of traditional hardcore sounds and putting a modern twist they keep it fun, catchy and DIY sounding, which sounds spot on.

The tone is set from the first track of the record Bitter Taste which starts in a frantic guitar solo leading into a fast paced punk hardcore sound with fast and pissed off vocals to go alongside it. The next track Brainwashed Youth kicks in with some rapid thrashy (not in a metal way) guitar sounds and fast tempo drum beats which goes into one of the catchiest basslines that breaks the track up into a slower part. Of course, this doesn’t last long as it breaks out into more crazy riffs. The pace of this album never changes, each tracks is as fast as the next.

Glass Palace is one of the more memorable tracks off the record with a quality sounding side to side part with guest vocals and a breakdown(ish) part at the end. Out also has a moshy heavier sounding riff in the middle of the track adding a bit of variety. There is also an instrumental track Class Dismissed that includes a crazy solo leading onto the finishing track Popularity Contest which is one of my favourites. Yet again loving the catchy bassline on this and brings the album to a nice close.

This is a very short album clocking in at around 25 minutes with 10 tracks but it’s an entertaining listen. Do yourself a favour a check them out hear and if you like it get the record here.