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Eternal Misery by No Zodiac

28 Jan 2013

2012 Best Albums Overview (Part 2)

One of the best hardcore punk bands from Greece. Since 2010 they have been one of the hardest working bands releasing Noble Intentions and now this fantastic record Athens. There are a lot of melodic influences in this record mixed with some nice old school influences that sound reminiscent of Youth of Today. I love the style and the ethics of this band and I am sure they will go far. If you don't know My Turn then check them out ASAP!

I loved this band as soon as I listened to Corroding Kings and didn't think they could get any better Seven Sides soon proved me wrong. Taking a mix of hardcore genres and scrambling them all up in one they produce a sound that is quite original in itself. This band are heavy, angry and wild. I can't think of anything else you need to be honest. Great record, if you haven't listened to it, I highly recommend it.

London's finest hardcore band, signed to the notorious Rucktion Records released this record a few months ago and it blew me away. It was easily my favourite UK hardcore release of 2012. Although it took a slightly more melodic approach to the Knuckledust sound I think this is one of their top records showing the listeners what hardcore is all about. This is a fantastic record and gets better on every listen. Get on this now!

This band are so catchy and fun. Found this record instantly entertaining and a great listen. Out Crowd play a blend of old school style hardcore with a mix of punk. Some pretty sweet solos and groovy riffs. Don't sleep on this record as it is definitely up there with the best of them. Really want to see them live.

Youth crew hardcore at its very best. Mindset top this genre of hardcore easily and they are one of my favourite bands. The previous releases were amazing but Leave No Doubt left such an everlasting impression on me on what I though was a mind blowing full length. Playing some fast riffs, rapid drum rhythms and mixing this with their memorable lyrics this is a band to remember. Get into this if you haven't already and support their music.

This band are heavy as f*ck and are one of the best bands coming out of Chicago at the moment! There are some really down-tempo breakdowns that make you want to Mosh. I love the themes that are present within their tracks and can really relate to this style of music. This band create some of the heaviest music going so if you like down-tempo, metallic riffs, smashing drums and ear bleeding beatdowns then this is the record for you.

21 Jan 2013

2012 Best Albums Overview (Part 1)

 Dead End Path: Blind Faith

Metallic sounding hardcore band from Wilkes Barre, Pennysylvania. This record offers some of the best quality chugging riffs that you need on a day-to-day basis. Taking many elements from the 90's hardcore scene they combine the perfect amount of metal with hardcore to create Blind Faith which is a record that should not have been missed. If you did happen to miss this then now is your chance to redeem yourself.

Wrong Answer: Cross a Black Cats Path

One of my favourite bands, labelling themselves as 'Naughty Youth Crew' and for all the right reasons. Lyrically they deal with themes such as drug dealers, demons and labour among other things. Theres a nice old school sound coming from this record and musically there is some awesome upbeat riffs and drum rhythms that make you wanna go crazy. Some really good sing a long parts which was proven when I got to see them at a small show in London this year. Brilliant band and brilliant record. Check em out. 

Frustration: Dying Breed

A really good quality band from Dublin, Ireland. This record is relentless and should set off a pit on every listen. Some of the heaviest riffs going that can get real sludgy too. I found Dying Breed a really intersting and entertaining listen as they add variation into every track. Some of the hardest mosh parts around, get into it.
Benchpress: Stay Hated

Terrible name but freakin' awesome band. Tough guy style with some pretty hard hitting riffs. They sound a lot like terror but with heavier breakdowns and with a more down-tempo twist. Moshing, sing a longs, and as much chaos as possible is what this band is all about. Everything sounds 100% on point so I think you should check them out.

Fire & Ice: Not of This Earth

Awesome band from Richmond, Virginia. These guys are re-inventing the whole groove style of hardcore. This record is faultless and I love every second of it. Lots of progressive guitar riffs and blasting drum rhythms. I really love the themes of conspiracy and the whole extra-terrestrial thing going on, different from the usual hardcore topics. This is definitely worth the money so if you haven't already then you should get this album ASAP.

True Valiance: Expect Resistance

One of Rucktion Records finest bands. They have come a long way and I think that they are one of the best bands going in the UK at the moment. I love the heavy sounds they put out and are always fantastic live. They have put a lot of hard work and dedication into their music which has payed off greatly. Main influences are from early 90's hardcore bands which is evident from their metallic ferocious sound. I highly recommend this band so whatever you do make sure you check them out.

9 Jan 2013

Fire and Ice: 'Not of This Earth'

Fire and Ice: 'Not of This Earth'

There are so many records that I wanted to review from 2012 but didn’t get the chance to. Fire and Ice latest record Not of This Earth was most definitely one of them so I we’re in 2013 now, but it’s definitely worth a big mention.

I first listened to this band a couple of years back when they first released their demo and I thought it was pretty cool but, if I’m honest, nothing special. Soon after this they released Gods and Devils which showed a more promising sound and now a couple of years down the line and they release this corker of a record. As I say in a lot of my reviews ‘this style of hardcore won’t be for everyone’ and stand by that as there have been many mixed feelings over Not of This Earth. I stand on the side of the people who did appreciate this album as the themes were slightly different than your average hardcore band belting out lyrics about conspiracy theories and alien life forms in the universe. The metallic sound is not to miss, taking key elements of bands such as Cro-Mags and Leeway. I really enjoyed this record and thought it was one of the catchiest ones of 2012.

I think Fire and Ice have made a mark in the hardcore scene with this record and are bringing back the grooving metallic hardcore style from the late 80s but with a slight modern twist. The opening track also titled Not of This Earth kicks this full length off and sets the pace with a groove sound. The tracks History Repeats and Helpless throws some more dirty grooving metallic riffs to the listener which I thought were very catchy. The Devil’s Side is a decent track opening with a heavy down-tuned progressive guitar part leading into a very energetic part and the vocals sound simply awesome.  About Face is another memorable track with a head banging opening and an intense solo half way through, very satisfying.

I have to admit it took a while for this band to grow on me but if it’s your first listen I do recommend that you give it a few listens before finally judging it. The sound that Fire and Ice have chosen to go with is a good choice as they pull it off well. If you haven’t got around to getting this yet then you can get it here.