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30 Jul 2012

True Valiance: 'Expect Resistance'

True Valiance - Expect Resistance

Respect Resistance is the brand new full length from Bristol’s most hardworking and hard hitting hardcore band True Valiance. This album is fast paced and fresh with eleven tracks that will get you moving all day long, with heavy pounding drum beats, thrashing, chugging guitar riffs and passionate fiery vocals. This full length takes all topics from themes including revenge, resistance and bringing justice in this corrupt world. There aren’t as many breakdowns as Hooked on Revenge but the slight change in sound compliments their style resulting in a fantastic album. There is a nice old school mid-90s sound to some of the songs and a much more metallic edge with thrashier riffs but True Valiance’s ethics still remain the same. From the first listen I take my hat off to one of Rucktion Record’s finest releases.

Pushing play on this record unleashes a fury of ‘in your face’ thrashing guitar riffs which sounds very Slayer-esque and shows a more metallic style and edge to True Valiance’s music. When the vocals kick in with the shrill, screaming sound all of the attitude and anger is present and is perfect for their heavy sound. Bloodlust is such a catchy track creating an unmistakeable sound and leaves you banging your head through the whole track. There is just something fresh and different about True Valiance and I really enjoy the energy and passion that has been put into their tunes. The following track Blindfold brings to mind a very UK hardcore sound with some dark down tuned guitar rhythms and heavy pounding drum beats. There is also a down-tempo breakdown part towards the end of this song which is so heavy and fits with the present themes. Although tracks such as Burn and No Mercy have a very aggressive sound both vocally and instrumentally, there is an underlying positivity which is shown through an inspirational attitude. 

The ferocity of the tracks Arkansas and To an End gives me a slight late 80s early 90s trash feel to it mixed up with elements of Terror and some typical hard hitting Rucktion style hardcore. Towards the middle of Arkansas there is a breakdown part which is thunderously heavy with stomping riffs and blasting drums. To an End contains a really shrieking, technical solo which is unsuspected but sounds amazing. This is all structured together perfectly with the emotional lyrics who’s voice jumps between screaming and shouting parts and into a deeper growling sound. There are also smaller parts which contain spoken words very similar to mid-90’s metalcore such as in the track Expect Resistance

This record is packed full of everything you need in a heavy hardcore album including tight instrumental parts, breakneck speed riffs, moshing parts, quality song structures and is full of emotion and passion. This is a fantastic record which I had been waiting to listen to for so long now and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is another great release for the UKHC scene and I hope everyone gets into this as much as I have. Pick it up here and help support True Valiance.

15 Jul 2012

Hardcore Afternooner

If you are lucky enough to have a day off today then you need to get down to Stockwell for this afternooner of UK hardcore. Doors open at 4pm and it's a bargain prices of 8 quid so it's definitely not to be missed. Here are some links to the bands playing:

If you like what you hear come down and mosh!