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28 Jan 2012

Ashes Forever: 'Love, Leave, Forget, Repeat'

Ashes Forever - Love, Leave, Forget, Repeat

A while ago I reviewed and interviewed a band called Don’t Give a Fuck. Recently they have changed their name to Ashes Forever and have released a new 1 track EP titled Love, Leave, Forget, Repeat. I was quite surprised that they had changed their name so quick, but do not worry as it still contains the same two members; I loved the EP A Girl Burning and Dying their new material is very unique and the slight changes in their sound have worked in their favour. They have still kept the perfect mix of melodic style hardcore and emotional screaming vocals but this time they have incorporated some really deep growling vocals and sludgy riffs which I think works really well. Ashes Forever still combine a nice melody of guitar instrumentals with various drum rhythms but seem to have made them slightly heavier. The vocals still consist of elongated screams and throaty parts but taking on newer styles; there are also some very lower growling vocals which seem to generate even more anger and emotion for this duo.

The track titled Her Repressed Memories has, from what I can tell 3 different major sounding parts to it. The first part is a very heavy, sludgy and emotional rollercoaster which gets the listener instantly hyped up with the despair and anger from the vocals. This is closely followed by the second part and middle of the song, which is mainly focused on instrumental parts, forming signature guitar melodies and fast, smashing drum beats and double bass. The final part wraps everything up nicely by a perfect transition from the chaotic time signatures of the instruments into a heavy breakdown part with multiple vocals. I really like the use of both types of vocals towards the end part of the song as I feel it makes the music seem much more passionate if both members are screaming their lungs out. This then fades out with  dark, down tuned guitar and slow drum beats, completing the EP.    

Ashes Forever seem to have had a lot of positive feedback so far and I’m not surprised. I really like the new EP and the name change, and I am really digging the heavier style and varied vocals. If you haven’t heard this then you’re missing out. This is for fans of straight to the point, sincere and emotional music.

Check out the band here:

25 Jan 2012

Best Albums of 2011

2011 was a pretty decent year for hardcore record releases both from older artists and modern ones. The following album list is my own individual choices that I feel stood out and made a positive impact. I have included both full lengths and also extended plays. So over January 2012, I’ve been thinking about releases over the last 12 months...


There are a lot of different views on this band, some positive some negative. So I thought I would see what all the hype was. From start to finish I could not find any complaints with this EP. In my opinion it has been one of the catchiest records of 2011 and I actually got addicted to listening to it. Corroding Kings is very hard hitting and is in the vein of the 90’s era. I have to admit the content and the hatred theme is a little too obvious but who cares! The instrumental sound and mosh style of this record got me hooked and seemed quite fun, alongside the hate and anger, that’s exactly why it’s up here.


I only started listening to this band a couple of months ago but instantly found myself loving their hard hitting sound. This EP is really heavy, raw and sounds a little like Trapped Under Ice (but in a good way). Mindless is a solid record that pulls no punches. If you haven’t listened to Real Talk yet, then you should be expecting real, straight up angry hardcore. It’s full of catchy breakdowns, 2-step style riffs and contains just enough melody to separate the other elements from each other. This EP flows really well and yet again it is another addictive record which I thoroughly enjoyed.


I know a lot of people have been posting stuff up about No Tolerance and I thought I'd join in as this new EP is so good! I didn’t get into this record as quick as I wanted to but once I first heard it I was completely hooked! It’s one of the hardest and solid records I’ve heard in a while. You can definitely notice the 90s hardcore influence on this record, mixed up with some rapid speed riffs and angry lyrics. One of the best straight edge bands around right now and this new EP is so much better than the demo (and I loved the demo).


I have been a big fan of this band for quite a few years now and I think it would be wrong of me if I didn’t mention these in my list. Earth Crisis just have a massive amount of aggression which no one can compete with and this album is no different. I love the 90’s style metalcore and to hear it still going strong in 2011 is amazing, with just as much passion and energy as always. Still unsure of some of the instrumental work that is present on this one, but nonetheless, still up here in my top favourites! 


Sorry Excuse had to be in my top ten, just for the sheer amount of ferocity and speed in their songs. They combine rapid instrumentals with raw, shredding vocals which is just plain and simply, a heavenly sound. Fast riffs, mid tempo-breaks and complete moshing destruction sums this band up in one. Every song is super quick and doesn’t even allow a gap before the next. This record is quality and is one of my favourites 
from last year. Sorry Excuse are bringing the rawness back, minus the bullshit (excuse my French).


This band play some of the best metallic hardcore that is currently around, and are best known for their thrashing chugging sounds. They seem to be able to take out all the best parts from early 90s sounding hardcore and combining it with just the right amount of metal. This album is just as great as their previous material and I really enjoyed the sound and spent a lot of time listening to this record. I really love this record and hope to hear more from Mother of Mercy in the future.


This EP was pretty short with only 4 tracks but it’s a decent listen. Naysayer have never disappointed me with their sound and this is no different. They also released a full length last year too with 2 tracks from this EP on it but to be honest I did prefer this EP. The recordings and content is a lot rawer and I liked the sound of the tracks better. A heavy, pummeling style of hardcore in the vein of old school bands like Madball and Death Threat. Definitely a must have which is why it's on my list.


I pre-ordered this and for all the good reasons. Kingdom are a very angry, vegan, straight edge band who cover all of the relevant topics that are affecting the world of today. I have always liked the way Kingdom have gone about things, maintaining good ideas and ethics behind all their activities. Threads is diverse but still packs a powerful punch that is needed. This record contains intelligent lyrics based around suffering, police violence, poverty and rage on the system. I like everything about the 4 tracks and only wish it was longer!


Since I first heard War Hungry they have always been one of my favourite bands and was delighted to hear they were releasing a full length last year. After listening to it I loved it! They are the perfect sound of modern day metallic hardcore and add some really heavy guitar riffs which just make you want to bang your head. Containing 9 tracks, this was one of the heaviest releases of 2011 and is an essential record to own.


One of the fastest and heaviest records of 2011, containing some very hard hitting, straight edge hardcore. This contains 10 tracks of pure pummelling instrumentals, ferocious breakdowns and untamed vocals. This to me, was Foundation’s best material released as of yet and I loved it from start to finish. This is a must have album and is easily at the top of my list.

8 Jan 2012

Dead End Path: 'Blind Faith'

2011 was a great year for hardcore releases and Blind Faith by Dead End Path is by far no exception. Released on Triple B records, this is their finest material yet and follows up from their 2010 EP Death Walks Beside Us and their 2009 Demo. Dead End Path are taking the metallic hardcore style to the next level with their crushing metal riffs and dominating vocals. You can definitely hear the old school New York style hardcore sounds coming through which must have been a big influence in their music and some parts remind me a lot of bands like Buried Alive, Merauder and All Out War only with a more modern twist. This is a very well put together album and everything fits into its place perfectly and I thought this album stood out as one of the top from last year.

Dead End Path incorporate every item you need of hardcore into their album making you want to mosh and bang your head instantly. The guitar riffs are extremely heavy and metallic but not too metally (if you know what I mean) which makes the perfect breakdowns in their songs and adds groove elements. The vocals are very bold which sites nicely alongside their aggressive lyrics. When you hear the lyrics combined with the hard hitting music it’s like they are painting a picture with words only it’s full of gloom and wretchedness. Wilkes Barre has given birth to another great band.

There are so many great songs included on this album, naming a few of my favourites are Never Had Heaven Ever, End on End, and Death and Birth of a Ghost. In fact every song on this album is great! The transitions between each track is consistent and each track is different from the next adding some good variation. After the introduction track Blind Faith it cuts straight in with some captivating tunes leading into catchy 2-step parts, and from here on the album flows smoothly. Tracks like Requiem and Skeleton Key to the Cemetery contain some really good solid riffs and slow tempo drum beats working perfectly with the hammering vocals.

All of the tracks flow really well and nothing can disappoint with Blind Faith. The intensity of this album is amazing like a hardcore version of a ten ton hammer crashing down to the earth. To round this up it is a solid record and should not be missed out on! 

5 Jan 2012

Maths: 'Ascent'

Maths latest EP Ascent is the follow up to their 2009 full length Descent which was a fantastic album I must say. Maths has always been top of the list when it comes to Screamo bands from the UK and you will see why after listening to this. Containing a very raw sound and loose song structure sounding like a clutter of instruments and vocals, resulting in perfect chaos. The disorganisation of guitar melodies and smashing drum parts are really compelling and quickly change from extremely fast tunes with blast beats to relaxing guitar harmonies. Although it sounds all over the place, you can also realise how carefully Ascent has been constructed to conclude in an emotional and effective gem of a record.

Formed in 2006, Maths have progressed so much over the past 5 years and have released some fantastic records and have a split with Throats, which I enjoyed. Ascent is sadly only 4 tracks, but what is delivered in these 4 tracks is made up in quality. In terms of sound, this EP has many traits that are also evident in Descent, however I did find that the full length sounded crazier and they have ever so slightly toned down their fast sound. I was looking forward to another ear blistering release but this one is ever-so-slightly more gentle on the ears. It is a nice change to hear more relaxing tones coming from their latest tracks, especially The Wind Swept Away which left me thinking how articulate and precise these songs are.

I feel this record deserves to be up at the top of this genre just as their previous material was. There are some quick frenzies of furious guitar riffs especially in Consecrated Earth and Unending Bloom and frantic drum beats through each song that are just fantastic. The raw, screaming vocals fit perfectly with the heavier instrumental parts, and even with the more melodic parts showing a great contrast between the two sounds. After listening to the EP many times I still think that the best track from this The Wind Swept Away, which seems to be a lot of people’s favourite. This tracks clocks in at 5:48 which is a little longer than the majority of their songs. They have incorporated so many sounds into this one track and it constantly rises with the faster paced parts and falls again with the emotional, melodic parts – unbeatable. There are so many frantic screaming vocals and lively instrumentals which I found really impressive.

This is a definite must have to your collection and the contrast between styles is just ‘music to my ears’, and the vocal parts still remain as bloodthirsty and ferocious as ever. I didn’t think it could be possible but the instrumental parts have greatly been improved and I think are the best from Maths so far. All in all, a very artistic and accomplished record which you should definitely check out.