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23 Sep 2012

My Turn: 'Athens'

My Turn - Athens

I’ve been into My Turn for quite a while now since Apostles (founder of WAK) sent me the link to his band. Their debut release Noble Intentions was a fantastic record which was reviewed last year and since listening to this, it got me really interested in their music and also the themes and topics they cover from day to day life. They have recently just dropped their first full length Athens which is also an awesome record and shows great progression in their music and song writing. What I really enjoy about My Turn is the positivity and themes they put across and the nice melodic approach within the music, it’s something fresh and original from the hardcore scene in Greece. This is a record not to be missed!

After a quick vocal introduction on the opening track Photos on the Wall the guitar riffs kick in with a nice fast, punk hardcore sound. The recording quality of Athens is far more refined than that of Noble Intentions and is noticeable from the instance you start the record. The next track Broken pumps out a really powerful melodic hardcore sound which to me has taken elements from bands such as Verse and Anchor. It has definitely got the compelling lead guitar melodies and emotional edge to it but on this record the song structures are far from generic and My Turn have pulled off a decent original hardcore sound. There are some really catchy tunes that come out on the tracks Let’s Laugh to Death and Bitter Smile especially with the fast drum rhythms and inventive guitar riffs. I really like the old school punk feel in these two tracks that really show the routes of hardcore coming through.

My Turn play this style of hardcore how it should be played. The track lengths are just the right time too, the songs are not dragged out in length or are too short which keeps the listener entertained. The shouting vocals may not be for everyone but I personally think they fit perfectly with this style of hardcore and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The track Do You Care slows things down a little but is a nice break from the previous track, do not get too comfortable though as this soon breaks out into heavier guitar riffs and rapid drum beats. My favourite tracks are towards the end of the record, If and Precious, are just so catchy and makes me want to be at their shows stage diving and shouting into the microphone. It’s a nice change to listen to a record that is filled with positivity and hope.

My Turn has come a long way and I feel they need more recognition. Overall this is a good quality album and is a record you should not sleep on. Drop whatever you are listening to at this time and check out My Turn. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Help these guys out and pick up the record here.